Source of Origin

What is Source of Origin?

Source of Origin ® refers to the fact that everything that has happened, is happening and will happen has it’s real cause, nothing happens as an accident or a mere coincidence, The website is dedicated to inform and let you decide for yourself.

It emphasizes the knowledge of self, seek to understand and know your-self, only then you can understand that which is ‘outside’ as what is outside is only and extension of what is within. The deeper you travel inward the deeper you can view the outside.

There isn’t a real development outside Oneself* meaning the highest human development you can ever attain is Personal Growth*,  “What would a man gain if he owns the whole world and lose his Soul” ~ Jesus, you may gain lots of material wealth and become the most wealthiest person in the entire planet, but deep within yourself you are still rotten and don’t know the real meaning and purpose you live for, For Technology you may get the Television with the highest resolution there could ever be, with the best surround sound money can buy, but it will never exceed your capacity for vision and sound, only when you raise your perception then you can really appreciate what reflects outside yourself.

Source Of Origin® emphasizes on seven areas within human constructs, these seven are the centers of your personal growth which are

  1. Human Soul

The human soul is that which lives on after the physical body have come into pass; this is of “GOD” the uniqueness of individual and the rightfully son ship of “God”, this is that which has direct connection with the highest state of Existence.

  1. Human Spirit/ Free will

The ability to make choices is the capacity to change, no matter what kind of situation you are in, or where you came from, you can always change the course of your life as long as you understand the power of human spirit, this does not count on intellect or power. When cultivated an ordinary person can become extraordinary. All Life forms is based on these spiritual energies.

  1. Human Consciousness.

The self-awareness is consciousness, there are different level and states of consciousness self-consciousness being the lowest and GOD Consciousness being the highest, by the use of free will we can raise or lower our consciousness, Loving another person as you love yourself is one step of raising your consciousness for you are beginning to realise there is more than just you.

  1. Human Mind.

The mind is the totality of thought all process, mind can be modified, your mind is the builder of the physical reality, and if you change your mind your outer world reflects. Depending on how you make choices and operate your mind, this rewires your brain.

  1. Human Emotions.

Human emotions are genetic memory embedded deep within you; emotions are mostly responses from certain events. You can always modify these responses.

  1. Human Physical/Body.

The physical body is the organic vehicle we use for navigation of the physical environment; with the physical body we have five senses.

  1. Human Surroundings/ Environment.

The environment include to all that is ‘outside’ your physical body, this include your fellow men, animals, plants etc. even though there isn’t  such thing as “out there” for they everything is connected  and everything affects something else, if the air is not clean your health maybe in jeopardy.


All these seven sections are summed up with “THE LAW OF ONE” as for everything is a part of the other once we become aware of this and put it into action human will be able to move into next level of growth.